ALL Reward Credit Scheme
For: inviting more soulful sisters and inspiring women to join as members of ALL and thus empower our vision of greater Inclusion, sharing Inspiration, and enabling Innovation. (Membership is complimentary and by invitation only.)

When existing members refer new members based on the ALL criteria and they accept, then the referring person earns ALL Reward Credit (ARC) points with which one can avail of a host of benefits like connecting to other women through the ALL network; getting discounts on products with key partners etc.
As a basic incentive, for each new unique member made via your reference, we add to your credit, 50 ARC points. 50 ARC points are notionally equivalent to INR 50 or approx USD 0.75 in value So, for instance, for every 1000 new members that accept, you get credit points that are notionally equivalent to USD 750, which you can use for certain purchases and services.
You have to personally log-in to your personal dashboard on the website to use this system. Contact us if you are yet to receive your log-in id and password

Your personal dashboard helps you organise a range of actions like:
~ Add and update your picture and profile
~ Refer other inspiring and soulful women to be invited as Honorary Life Members
~ Collect your credit points
~ Use your collected points and credits for a range of discounts and part purchases.
~ Send emails to our ALL membership base ( using ARC points)
~ Coordinate with the ALL Secretariat for other actions like Request to be an ALL Chapter Chair in a city or sector or country, etc.

Part purchases/ Discounts with ARC points:
Your accumulated ARC points can be used for part payment/discounts for buying products/services that we put out. Currently, these are as below:
A) Starting 1st January 2018, you can use these ARC points to buy from a range of world class BioAyurveda wellness, beauty and health care products . See for details.
B) Use ARC points to pay for our annual WEF in New Delhi for both conference fee and stay
C) Use ARC points to pay for the service of sending emails/messages - ALL Email Scheme ( AES) - to fellow ALL members whom you wish to connect with for business or otherwise via our private server. A member can send a private email to any of our ALL members listed. Of course, the receiver will have her email protected till she chooses to respond. A member will use 20 ARC points for each email sent.
Onwards, we will constantly be announcing additional global tie-ups for discounts for travel, stay at hotels, dining, spas and wellness centres for which you can avail via your credit points.