6th March

ALL Kolkata ALL Kolkata Chapter Chairperson - Manjula Jain organising  a chapter event on "Special Health Awareness Session" In Kolkata

8th-9th March

ALL LADIES ALL LADIES LEAGUE organising Regional  WEF19 in Amsterdam.

12th March

ALL Madurai ALL Madurai Chapter Chairperson & Vice Chairperson - Mamta Fomra & Dr. Ponmeera Bose launching a Madhurai Literary Chapter event on  on "Literature : an odyssey of the mind" In Madhurai.

15th March

ALL Bangalore ALL South India Region Chairperson for Performing Arts & Vice Chairperson - Vasantha Vaikunth & Preeti Sondur organising  a chapter event on Alchemy of Love In (Music & Dance) Javali and Dadra - Gazal In Bangalore.

16th March

ALL Lucknow ALL Lucknow Chapter Chairperson for Entrepreneurship - Dr Surabhi Jain organising  a chapter event Women Health Seminar on "IMPORTANCE OF MENTAL, PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH" In Lucknow.

ALL Aurangabad ALL Aurangabad Chapter Chairperson - Dr. Nidhi A. Navander organising  a chapter event on "Be Bolder Queens Of ALL" In Aurangabad.

22nd-25th March

ALL LADIES ALL LADIES LEAGUE organising Regional  WEF19 in Tomar.

28th March

ALL Ludhiana ALL Ludhiana Chapter Chairperson – Diksha Anand organising   a chapter event on "Workshop on Angal Investments" In Ludhiana.

28th March

ALL Ludhiana ALL Mumbai Chapter Chairperson for Business networking & Vice Chairperson – Varshaa Dave, Dr. Madhura Uday Kulkarni organising   a chapter event on "Meet & Greet" In Mumbai.