ALL Chapter: Circle of Sisterhood and Self-Help Support Group

A group led by a Chapter Chair is an ALL Chapter or a Circle of Sisterhood. Each chapter is like a lighthouse - beckoning and being there as a source of empowering energy for all women who need support and networks. With a tribe and vibe of sisterhood, and using social media platforms, a chapter helps connect positive and inspiring women around a given region/sector. It’s a free, self-help and support group wherein every Soul Sister participates and contributes toward encouraging and enabling one another, and also setting goals and planing projects for developing engagement at all levels. Guided by our Code of Conduct, the Chapter Chair provides overall direction, but ALL are equally custodians of our caring culture and empowering endeavours. A spirited safety net and support network helps build our self-confidence individually and collectively. It is also a grooming ground for the leadership innate in one and All. By being part of a peaceful, positive, and purposeful community with a participatory ethos, we together get ‘more done’ and also shift our mindset toward a “can do” spirit.

Volunteer to lead as an ALL Chapter Chair in a city/sector Now! Or Connect to an existing ALL Chapter.

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