Membership to ALL and participation in ALL chapters and groups worldwide is governed by the following guidelines and Code of Conduct. We are together fostering a family of women worldwide as Soul Sisters, Sisters Beyond Borders, to help one another as a supportive ecosystem of peer exchange and collaboration. These rules are designed to help All stay focused on women helping women for our greater energy, enterprise and empowerment. It is incumbent on each one of us to be custodians and exemplars of our spirit and values. A group of women with a tribe and vibe of sisterhood can catalyse possibilities for All.

1. Uphold ALL values of no negativity, positive attitude, non-egoism, respectful exchange, gratitude, generosity, humility, compassion, non-violence, helpfulness, encouragement, kindness, sisterhood, inclusion and inspiration.

2. The overarching rule is of ALL positivity and No negativity. ALL Chapters are circles of support and sisterhood.

3. All interactions on chapter groups should be mutually respectful. We request All to exercise restraint, wisdom, discernment and personal responsibility in all interpersonal interactions at all times.

4. Chapter Chairs are encouraged to proactively make micro-rules for positive energy and exchange in groups in order to pre-empt interpersonal issues and conflicts, and to energise collaborations. Interpersonal should be resolved amicably with adjustment and understanding, as and when they occur.

5. Shun competitive, adversarial, aggressive attitudes that inhibit authentic connection and constructive collaboration.

6. If you come across a stressful situation/exchange, kindly correct it with generous gestures of support and care.

7. We are non-religious, non-political and non-dogmatic. Avoid discussions on these subjects on chapter groups. We celebrate different cultures and honor all beautiful paths.

8. We have a zero tolerance policy toward hate speech and proselytising.

9. We have a zero tolerance policy toward sexual harassment.

10. While we try to include ALL in our effort to foster a World Wide Web of Soul Sisters; however, in case of irreconcilable differences, just as we come together peacefully in purpose, we may part peacefully in purpose, with the patient hope that we may realign again in purpose.

11. Maintain confidentiality of personal chats and exchange.

12. Do not forward any information without fact checks and personal verification.

13. In chapter events, comply with due health, safety, legal, & security regulations.

14. Correct Use of Designations. Use correct designation as conferred by ALL via the formal letter of nomination.

15. Chapters can set up social media pages, and issue certificates of appreciation and participation.

16. Respective ALL Chapter logos can be used in chapter events. The chapter logo must be placed prominently.

17. The chapter chair designation is offered regards the ALL network only. It does not apply to Women Economic Forum (WEF), which is a separate platform. WEF does not have any chapters nor chairs as it is a forum format held as editions and has a separate protocol. Logo of WEF cannot be used. Logo of G100 cannot be used.

18. In case of ALL Chapter Conclaves/ Award events, awards can only be issued by the ALL headquarters, or the by the G100: Group of 100 Global Chairpersons.

19. No chapters/chairpersons/members can issue nor offer any ALL awards.

20. ALL Chapter Chairs are welcome to recommend awardees to the Secretariat/or G100, who can issue them.

21. No Awards can be done nor issued in association with anyone else.

22. It is not permitted to have any bank accounts nor register any entities nor use in any transaction the names or related names of ALL Ladies League or chapters thereof. ALL chapter groups are informal social media groups.

For any clarifications or queries, kindly send an email to Director General, ALL Secretariat:

May ALL Thrive !