Code of Conduct

At ALL, every woman is special. Our leaders and chairs across chapters and committees are role-models to uphold the vision of ALL at all times. The following guidelines are there to keep us ALL focused on our larger vision of loving and serving All. They are designed to enhance the effectiveness of our unique distributed leadership model in our worldwide web of chapters. As we create an empowered internet of women, we need guidelines to help us reduce confusion in our multi-level simultaneous operations; enable care and concern in interpersonal connections; and empower the creativity innate in our great diversity. 1. ALL is non-religious and non-political. The overarching rule is of upholding utmost positivity and no kind of negativity nor divisive discourse. We are co-creating One family of women, and so we need to foster friendship and heart-to-heart connections of relating to each other as Soul Sisters, and go beyond boundaries, borders and biases. 2. Avoid adversarial or aggressive positions with any stakeholder; in any country, region or state; be it in government, civil society, media or industry. Once on agenda, ALL works with ALL in a spirit of accommodation and adjustment. 3. ALL believes in positive interpersonal relations. Therefore, all interactions should be free from any form of harassment or use of discriminatory language or ethnic slurs be they on national origin, ethnicity, gender, age, ability, religion, or background. All forms inflammatory verbal or physical conduct directed toward any racial, ethnic, or religious group is prohibited. 4. Maintain confidentiality of internal mails, proceedings and records. 5. Exercise restraint and responsibility in social media or any public interaction. 6. Comply with due health, safety, legal, & security regulations vis-à-vis activities. 7. Use the correct designation as conferred by ALL. 8. Provide information regarding ALL in accordance with its stated vision and mission. 9. Use of official logos in chapter events and any other communication is only by prior approval of Headquarters. 10.Chairs at ALL are not authorised to speak on behalf of WEF. Women Economic Forum (WEF), with which ALL Ladies League (ALL) is associated, is a separate trust. 11. ALL and WEF Awards can only be issued by the ALL/WEF Headquarters and Secretariat upon the approval from the Global Chairperson. No chapters or chairpersons or members can issue any awards indicating ALL or WEF awards without prior approval by the Headquarters. Also ALL & WEF awards are not issued in association with anyone else. 12. As part of due protocol and procedure, no communication can be sent to the Prime Minister, President, Vice-President, Cabinet Ministers, Ministers, Government Officials, Leader of Ruling Party and Leaders of Opposition, Chief Ministers, Chief Justice, Governors, Secretaries, Head of any other statutory body and any other equivalent position in any country, except by the Global Chairperson. Likewise, no Press Release can be issued or any bank account made without approval from Headquarters. Whenever chapters need to write these communications, prior approval is required to be taken from headquarters. 13.The ALL Secretariat is a single point of contact for making social media accounts, whatsapp groups, websites and any other online presence of chapters. No online presence or website or other social media group can be created with ALL or WEF name or logos without the prior approval and action of secretariat. Admin access is to be with secretariat at all times and alongside can be with the chairs as per tenure. 14.Welcome to ask the design team at the Secretariat for free assistance as regards making e-invites, visiting cards, banners for social media etc. Logos on e-invites to be also used as per established design policy and protocol. 15.Any misuse or malpractice with regard to the special schemes of points or any actions against the spirit of Sisterhood may result in complete cancellation of the ALL membership and personal online account or any points accumulated. Email queries and requests to Director General at ALL Headquarters at: