Membership of ALL Ladies League

Membership to ALL is free but by reference and invitation only.

Invitation of Honorary Life Membership is given to women with an inclusive and inspired attitude of positivity, passion and purpose. We invite those who believe in the values of care, concern, courage, commitment and collaboration, and shun negativity of any kind. We value positive energy and positive attitudes as we need those in our lives to make a lasting difference. We also invite supportive men.

ALL also welcomes as “Affiliates,” like-spirited NGOs and other organizations that are doing excellent work for the cause of women, children, elders and humanity at large. Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

1. Enhanced access to empowered networks worldwide.

2. Strength to “Be the Change” that you wish to see.

3. Connect to a global community of women and leaders.

4. Feel empowered and supported at ALL times by a sisterhood network that cares and is engaged.

5. Grow your business internationally.

6. Participate in ALL’s chapter events and WEF events all across the world.

7. Lead with your uniqueness. As we are creating an internet of women and work through distributed leadership, you get the precious opportunity to take up a leadership role in ALL as Chapter Chairperson of your City or State or Sector.