Code of Conduct


The following guidelines are there to keep us ALL focused to streamlined and sustainable functioning with due regards to our structure and spirit. We request members and chapter chairs to guard against any violation

1. ALL Positivity, No Negativity: ALL is non-religious and non-political. The overarching rule is of upholding ALL positivity and no negativity nor divisive discourse. We are co-creating One family of women as Soul Sisters to help one another as a support ecosystem for personal and professional growth.

2. Positive interpersonal relations. All interactions in person or on social media should be free of discrimination and aggression. All interpersonal disagreements must be resolved mutually, or by chapter chairs, and if persistent, can be brought up to the Secretariat for attention and instruction. Chapter Chairs are encouraged to make micro-rules for positive interpersonal exchange in advance in order to pre-empt such situations

3. Avoid extreme adversarial or aggressive positions. Once on agenda, ALL works with ALL in a spirit of accommodation and adjustment with diverse stakeholders in society.

4. While we normally try to include ALL and exclude none in our effort to foster a World Wide Web of sisters beyond borders; in case of irreconcilable differences that affect the positive morale and functioning of ALL, t hose unable to uphold the spirit of ALL will be removed. At the same time, anyone in disagreement with our code of conduct is welcome in integrity to quit

5. Maintain confidentiality of internal mails, chats, proceedings and records

6. Exercise discernment and personal responsibility in public interactions.

7. Comply with due health, safety, legal, & security regulations vis-à-vis activities.

8. Correct Use of Designations. Chapter Chairs are urged to use and communicate the correct designation as conferred by ALL via formal letter. Also the chapter chair designation is offered regards the ALL network only. It does not apply to Women Economic Forum (WEF), which is a separate trust. Unlike ALL, WEF does not have any chapters nor chairs as it is a forum format held as editions and has a separate protocol.

9. Use of official logos in chapter events and any other personal communication is only by prior approval of the Secretariat.

10. Awards can only be issued by the Secretariat upon the approval from the Global Chairperson. No chapters/chairpersons/members can issue or offer any awards in the name of ALL or WEF. Also ALL & WEF awards are not issued in association with anyone else. No other awards can be made or given by the chapter chairs.

11. As part of due protocol and procedure, no communication can be sent to the Prime Minister, President, Vice-President, Cabinet Ministers, Ministers, Government Officials, Leader of Ruling Party and Leaders of Opposition, Chief Ministers, Chief Justice, Governors, Secretaries, Head of any other statutory body and any other equivalent position in any country, except by the Global Chairperson. Likewise, no Press Release can be issued with prior approval of Secretariat.

12. The ALL Secretariat is a single point of contact for making social media accounts, whatsapp groups, websites and any other online presence of chapters. No online presence or website or other social media group can be created with ALL or WEF name or logos without the prior approval and action of Secretariat. Admin access is to be with Secretariat at all times and alongside can be with the chairs as per tenure.

13. It is not permitted to have any bank accounts nor register any entities nor use in any transaction the names or related names of ALL Ladies League or chapters thereof, or of Women Economic Forum or editions thereof.

14. Email for any clarifications or queries to Director General at ALL Secretariat: