World Sisterhood Day

World Sisterhood Day on October 5, is an annual global festival to celebrate the bonding of ALL women as soulsisters in supporting, nurturing and protecting one another. Shakti means the divine energy and the creative force and bandhan means bond. So Shakti Bandhan means bonding with our sisters and the Divine Feminine that each embodies. On and around 5 October every year, women in different parts of the world come together and go ALL-out to do what they can do together for one other and for ALL. Of course, we ALL tie the sacred Shakti Bandhan band/thread to each other and and honor the Shakti flowing from her to her. This Global Sisterhood Day sees an effervescence of women’s collective endeavors and leadership in a variety of ways. Each of those is very precious. Each of those add more diversity to the inclusive voice of ALL. Each of those show a million ways to love An International Sisterhood Day, Shakti Bandhan brings women together across boundaries and inspires them to co-create together a world of their vision with their talents, resources and spirit.

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Shakti Bandhan

Celebrating World Sisterhood Day 5 October 2016

Let’s ALL celebrate the spirit of sisterhood and our own Divine Feminine:

Oct 5th is “World Sisterhood Day,” or “Shakti Bandhan” as we’d say in India. ‘Shakti’ means the divine feminine force of creation and ‘Bandhan’ means bond. Shakti Bandhan thus signifies connecting with our own innate divine feminine power and also offering this empowering bond of connection in sisterhood to amplify every woman’s power, internally and externally. Our inclusive vision of global sisterhood is that no woman should ever feel alone and should always have a supportive soulsister to reach out to.

Types of Shakti flowing in ALL:

We have it ALL to feel empowered & extend the empowered feeling to another.
We already have innate in ourselves various creative powers.
Like: dedication, perseverance, faith, will, helpfulness...and so on.
We empower and can be empowered through these forces or Shaktis.
Example: when we offer empathy, we empower another; when we receive encouragement, we get empowered by another; when we reciprocate love and care, both get empowered.

Celebrating Shakti Bandhan on 5 October, or before, or after, or anytime:

Is an occasion to remind ourselves that we are empowered already and can also give the gift of the empowerment to another by standing with them in sisterhood (and brotherhood).
Is an opportunity for women to honor their own unique womanhood and make visible the sacred importance of sisterhood.
Is a time to awaken the seamlessness of sisterhood across socio-economic-cultural-generational et al boundaries and unite in spirit and soul as One world of women.

How to Celebrate:

Celebrating Shakti Bandhan is about women tying a simple thread to women and soulsisters in their lives to honor their bond of supporting, protecting and nurturing each other in a myriad different ways. You need a simple thread! - could be a string, ribbon, bangle, bracelet made of beads, totems, or anything you like - with a heart full of love to reach out to the wonderful women in your lives who have always been there for you and for whom you’d want to be there. Expand the circle. Include more. Inspire more. Uplift more. Any way you’d like.

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Individual Outreach and Chapter Activities::

Each of us can take any initiative/any activity/any outreach to celebrate the spirit of Sisterhood. Along with the Shakti Bandhan ceremony, you can:

Have a Meet and Greet with soulsisters celebrating together. You can choose a community activity as well to express your empowering bond with ALL.
Celebrate with young people in schools and colleges. They are the future!
Any creative offline and online event or campaign you’d like.